Nadia Fiorita, LCSW, CHC

Learn how to take control of your well-being.


Therapy and health coaching in Darien, Connecticut and online


You have the power to change your life.


As a clinical therapist and holistic health coach, I help young adults, adults and families find sustainable change and lead happier, healthier lives.

We each have the power to change our lives, and we don't have to settle for a life that’s unfulfilling. With some vision and discipline, I believe we each can take control of our well-being despite our age, circumstances or past experiences. With your willingness, I can help you create the life you want.




Online and in-person in Darien, Connecticut


I specialize in treating adolescents, adults and families in addressing major life changes, and those healing from minor or major trauma.


Health & Wellness Coaching

A whole foods diet and other lifestyle changes can dramatically shift your overall well-being.


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Nadia really helped me with a lot of the issues that I had in my life at the time that I was seeing her. She led me to understand more about myself and the ways that past experiences had affected my mental health. Nadia is amazing at what she does and I’m really grateful to her for everything that she has done for me!
— past client

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